Welcome to My Little Kingdom Preschool, we are happy to see you here. 🙂

We believe that each child is unique. They come with diverse backgrounds, strengths, talents and potential. We want to bring them to be the best that they can possibly be. We believe in making early learning fun and engaging.

We make every effort to maximise a child’s development and learning by enriching their engagement in authentic, meaningful hands-on learning experiences.

Our Curriculum

The traditional notion of intelligence which we know as I.Q. is too partial to be used to “label” someone as intelligent or not. We should reference the 8 different kinds of intelligences to account for a broader range of human potential in children and adults. In most schools and culture, we tend to focus most of our attention on verbal-linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligence.

We must learn to discover the other areas of potential and intelligences in children as well to help them excel in their own way.

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Word Smart

Verbal Linguistic

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Self Smart


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Logic Smart

Logical Mathematical

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Picture Smart

Visual Spatial

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Body Smart

Bodily Kinestetic

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Nature Smart



Music Smart



People Smart



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The Different Age Group



(18 Months – 2 Years Old)

We provide a safe, warm and caring learning environment to help ease home to school transition. Through hands-on learning, children can build positive first experiences at school.



(3 Years Old)

Children are immersed in a nurturing environment where they engage in active play and multi-sensory activities. We assist them in developing social and motor skills along the way.



(4 Years Old)

Children will be introduced to foundational concepts, skills and knowledge essential for future learning. We encourage creative self-expression and peer­collaboration as children build social skills and self-confidence.


K1 & K2

(5 – 6 Years Old)

We prepare your child for success in school and beyond not just academically. Children will cultivate the right set of values, attitude and knowledge as they progress to primary school and beyond.

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