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Nursery 2


18 months – 2 years old

Nursery 1

Nursery 1

3 years old

Nursery 2

Nursery 2

4 years old

curriculum approach

Our approach is based on 8 key pillars,
focusing on multiple intelligence.

At My Little Kingdom, we follow a curriculum based on Howard Gardener’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence
recognising a child’s natural ability and inclination.

Word Smart
Word Smart

Learning with verbal linguistic such as reading, writing about a subject.

Self Smart
Self Smart

Learning with interpersonal time such as self-reflection and self-assessment.

Logic Smart
Logic Smart

Learning with logical-mathematical intelligence by analysing problems through logic.

Picture smart
Picture Smart

Learning with spatial intelligence through visual aids such as images, maps, and diagrams.

Body smart
Body Smart

Learning with motor skills to express oneself or to learn and solve problems.

Nature smart
Nature Smart

Learning through nature, using elements and patterns in the natural world to solve problems.

Music smart
Music Smart

Learning with musical intelligence through music, rhymes, singing and playing instruments.

People smart
People Smart

Learning with interpersonal intelligence through group work and meaningful conversations.


Why choose My Little Kingdom Preschool?

Selecting a place for your child’s first school experience is an important decision.

At My Little Kingdom preschool, we believe in making early learning fun and engaging. Our commitment to provide a safe, nurturing and emotionally responsive environment extends beyond our curriculum. Each child has an opportunity to learn through discovery, play and creativity to become an expressive and confident learner.


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